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Understanding Blueprint Updates in Dollie Cloud

Dollie Cloud offers the flexibility to deploy websites using blueprints, a feature that simplifies the process of rolling out new sites. However, a common query we receive pertains to updating already deployed websites when the original blueprint is modified. Let's delve into how this works in Dollie Cloud and explore the possibilities for updating your websites.

Blueprint Basics: Deployment and Updates

In Dollie Cloud, a blueprint is essentially a template from which you can deploy multiple websites. It includes predefined settings, layouts, and configurations. When you create a site from a blueprint, it inherits these features at the time of deployment.

Key Point:
- Initial Deployment: A website created from a blueprint reflects the blueprint's state at that specific moment. Subsequent changes to the blueprint do not automatically reflect in the websites that were previously deployed.

Customer Scenario: Updating Deployed Websites

Your situation involves updating the blueprint with new layout changes and mobile responsiveness improvements. The challenge lies in applying these updates to existing websites that were deployed from the earlier version of the blueprint.

Core Question:
- Is there an automated or effortless way to update all the dependencies from the blueprint each time it is modified?

The Update Process: Manual Intervention Required

Currently, in Dollie Cloud, automatic updating of deployed websites from modified blueprints is not supported. This means that changes made to a blueprint after a site has been deployed will not be automatically applied to that site.

Manual Updates

To incorporate blueprint changes into existing websites, manual intervention is likely required. This involves individually updating each site to mirror the changes made in the blueprint. While this might not be as effortless as an automated process, it ensures that you have full control over the updates and can tailor them to each site’s specific needs.

Steps for Manual Updates:

Review Blueprint Changes: Identify all the modifications made to the blueprint.
Access Each Deployed Site: Log in to the admin area of each website deployed from the blueprint.
Apply Changes Manually: Update the layout, responsiveness, and other elements as per the latest blueprint modifications.

Custom Themes & Plugins

Alternatively, a more optimum solution depending on your use case might be to use custom plugins and themes.
For more details on this, checkout the following help article.


While Dollie Cloud's blueprints offer a convenient way to deploy new sites, updating existing sites based on blueprint changes requires a manual process. We understand the need for efficiency and are continually working to enhance our platform. Your feedback is valuable, and we aim to incorporate more streamlined processes in future updates.

For specific assistance or queries regarding manual updates, please reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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