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Which WordPress pages are automatically created by the Dollie Hub Builder plugin during installation?

The white-label hub plugin generates a set of template pages that make it easy and fast for you to get up and running with your managed hosting software-as-a-service business. Two page builders are currently supported: (the default Wordpress page-builder) Gutenberg and Elementor. The following pages are generated:

Customer LoginAllows customers to log into to your Hub
Site ListA page listing all the sites belonging to the customer
Launch New SiteA page where the customer can deploy a new site
New BlueprintA page where the customer can create a new blueprint
DashboardA page that provides the customer an overview of their account
Customer's DirectoryA front-end view of all your customers for admins only
Site Launching TemplateAn optional page that you can use during the site launching process.
Support LinkA simple URL that is used to link to your support.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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