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What is the Real-Time Customizer?

The real-time customizer makes setting up new websites for your clients easier and faster than before. The Real-Time Customizer enables you to add additional fields to the site launching process, whose data can be injected into the newly launched site. This saves on the tedious work of replacing emails, names, addresses and other common variables. The real-time customizer only works with your custom blueprints, and not with ones from our public Blueprint library.

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Defining Placeholders for a Blueprint

From within your hub, navigate to the particular blueprint, and then to the real-time customizer section. There you can add / or edit the placeholder variables that can then be placed within the content of the blueprint. There are attributes to specify when adding a new placeholder:

The real-time customizer is currently only available when launching sites from the Hub. Using the real-time customizer from the control panel is coming soon.

Adding Placeholders to the Blueprint Content

When a site is created, the placeholders in the blueprint content will be replaced with the provided values. Edit the content fo the blueprint website, and add the placeholders needed. Then publish a new version of the blueprint.

Deploying a site

When deploying a site from a blueprint that is using the realtime customizer, you will be presented with the placeholder fields you have defined. 

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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