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Testing Purchases & Customer Signup Flows in WooCommerce

The signup flow (also known as the checkout flow) typically starts on a landing page on your hub and depending on your configuration follows a scenario similar to the following:

A customer clicks on a call to action button such as "Launch My Site"
The customer fills a signup form that includes the name and initial URL of the site
The customer provides their payment method
The customer completes the order
An account is created for the customer, and their first site is deployed

To help ensure your signup flow tests are successful, we encourage you to follow the below instructions.

Preflight Checklist

Before testing your signup flow, you should confirm the following are already done or in place:

Is WooCommerce installed and configured correctly?
For the signup flow to work correctly, it is important to allow customers to create an account within the signup flow.

Have I created and published a blueprint?
You can learn how to create a blueprint here

Has a product been created in WooCommerce and associated with a blueprint?
You can learn how to associate a WooCommerce product and a blueprint here.

Have I added a [dollie-blueprints] shortcode to one of the landing page where I want to list my products?
You can learn about short codes in our article on how to sell a hosted website on a woocommerce store.

Activate Test Mode

Once you are verified the above preflight checks, you should then complete the following steps to place the signup flow of your hub in test mode.

Setup the WooCommerce test payment gateway.

Automatically Complete Orders

To prevent abuse, Dollie verifies an order has been paid before launching a site. For this reason, before performing your initial tests we recommend to automatically complete orders by adding a code snippet to functions.php. You will find a helpful guide on how to do that in the the WooCommerce documentation.

Execute your first successful test signup

Visit the landing page where you list your products or blueprints and click on the "Launch My Site" button

Don't forget to undo any test configuration before signing up your first real customer

If you are still having difficulty testing your signup flow, please reach out to our support staff and they will be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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