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Setting up SureCart in your Dollie Hub

In this guide, we will show you how to use SureCart to start charging for your hosting services or any other services if you're an agency or WAAS builder using Dollie.


Business Plan: Ensure you are on our business plan.
Dollie Hub Plugin: Make sure the Dollie Hub plugin is installed and running on your WordPress installation.

We provide pre-made hub installs. If you are new to Dollie and not on our business plan, once you sign up for business, you can choose a hub template that is already set up using tools like Elementor or BricksBuilder.

Steps to Set Up SureCart Integration

Install SureCart Plugin:
- Go to your WordPress dashboard.
- Search for SureCart in the WordPress plugin directory.
- Install and activate the SureCart plugin.

Initial Setup:
- After activation, go to the SureCart settings and click on Get Started.
- You can either create a new store or connect an existing store. If you already have a SureCart store, click on Connect Existing Store.
- Copy the API key from SureCart and paste it into your WordPress SureCart settings.

Set Up SureCart Products:
- In SureCart, go to Products.
- Create a product or select an existing one (e.g., a Starter Plan).
- Set the subscription details (e.g., $15 per month).
- On the product page to to "Integrations" and add a new integration. Choose "Dollie Access Groups" and select the Access Group you want to use.

Set Up Your Access Groups:
- Go to the Dollie Hub Settings and select Access Groups.
- Create or select an access group that defines what your customers can do (e.g., the number of websites they can launch, disk space, etc.).

You can view the detailed video here:

Set SureCart as Payment Solution:
- In the Hub Settings of the Dollie Hub settings, make sure to choose SureCart as your payment solution.
- Update the settings to finalize the setup.

Final Steps

You can now start sending your customers to purchase this product. If you have a homepage, link to these plans. When someone purchases a SureCart product, you will see the invoices and customer details inside SureCart. In your WordPress installation, go to your access groups to see which customers are added and any log entries related to their purchases.

Updated on: 20/06/2024

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