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Can I set up the Dollie Hub Builder plugin for my WaaS / SaaS or Agency inside my existing WordPress website?

Short answer. Absolutely. Here's when we recommend to install the Hub Builder in an existing WordPress site.

Seamless Integration – You want to build the Dollie Hub inside your existing WordPress site and see how it behaves alongside your plugins and theme(s).

Local Development – You have a local development environment and want to work on your Dollie Hub from there.

On-Premise / Enterprise Use – You want to build your Dollie Hub inside your on-premise environment.

In most other cases we recommend you to set up a new WordPress installation dedicated to your Hub. If you sign up for our Hub Builder Plan we will host your Hub for free in your Private Cloud. This ensure that also your customer Hub is powered by our next-generation container technology built for scale and performance.

How to Install the Dollie Hub Builder Plugin in an existing WordPress Site

Login to Control HQ

Make sure you are on the Hub Builder Plan

Click on Create Your Hub

Click on "Installing in existing WordPress Site

Uploading & Activating the Dollie Hub Builder Plugin

Login to Your Website
Access your login page.

Navigate to WP Admin - Plugins - Add New
Locate the "Add New" button within the plugins section of your WP Admin panel.

Click on Upload
Select the "Upload" option within the plugins section of WP Admin.

Upload the file
Choose the "" file and upload it to your website.

Activate the Plugin
Once the "" file is uploaded, activate the plugin on your website.

Connect to Control HQ
Now press the "Connect Hub to Control HQ" button.

All Done! Your Hub is connected to Control HQ

Now your Hub is connected and you can start building your platform!

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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