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What caching plugins can I use?

The Dollie platform tries to auto-detect the most popular WP caching plugins and auto implements container-level caching before WordPress is even loaded. This solution gives you the freedom to choose a caching plugin that works best for you, whilst still getting all the benefits of NGINX caching. Once a page is cached it is served directly through NGINX completely bypassing PHP and MySQL and thus resulting in near instant load times.

Do I need to install a caching plugin?

No. By default your wordpress sites will include the free Powered Cache plugin.

Can I install an alternative caching plugin?

 Yes, the following caching plugins are supported:

WP Rocket
W3 Total Cache
WP Super Cache
Cache Enabler
Switch Performance
WP Fastest Cache
Litespeed Cache
Hyper Cache
NGINX Helper (FastCGI Cache)

What about Object Caching?

Yes, this is supported via all Redis Object Cache plugins/dropins.

Why do I have to sometimes purge my cache?

When new posts, pages, comments and other activity takes place on your community. That being said sometimes you might encounter situations where you install a new plugin or make custom changes to your site which are not immediately displayed. In those cases you want to purge the

Purging the cache essentially means re-caching all previously cached data. This means the old ones are are deleted and new ones are created or regenerated.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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