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White Label Deployment Domains - Nameserver requirements and CloudFlare compatibility


This article aims to clarify any questions you might have about domain configurations, especially with respect to Cloudflare. Rest assured, we fully support and recommend Cloudflare—it's just that there are some specific requirements when it comes to your default (white label) deployment domain that is used when a new site is launched on your platform!

The Special Case of Deployment Domains

Deployment domains serve as the primary default domain for new customer sites. This allows you to have a true white-label hosting platform where even your freshly launched sites are under a domain you control!

Due to the technical requirements of our Dollie platform, the nameservers of this domain need to be pointing to the Dollie Private Cloud nameservers.

What Are Nameservers?

Nameservers are like the internet's address books. They guide web traffic to the correct servers based on domain names. When you're using Dollie, we need to control these "address books" to ensure that your newly launched sites are launched under your own domain, inside the Dollie Private Cloud.

Why Can't I Use Cloudflare for My Deployment Domain?

Using Cloudflare for your deployment domain creates a conflict. Cloudflare also needs to control the nameservers to offer their features. A domain can only point to one set of nameservers.

But don't worry, Cloudflare is still a fantastic option once your customer/client site is connected to the final live domain of your customer/client.

Generic Instructions to Update Nameservers

If you have your deployment domain registered with a service that does not permit Dollie to control the nameservers, here's what you need to do:

Log into your Domain Registrar Dashboard: Access the control panel where you manage your domain settings.

Navigate to Nameserver Settings: Look for an option to edit or change the nameservers.

Update the Nameservers: Point them to the following Dollie nameservers:

Cloudflare for Customer Sites

You can—and we recommend that you do—use Cloudflare for individual customer sites after they are up and running and their live domain has been connected. Here’s the workflow:

Initial Site Setup: Launch a new site via Dollie's Control HQ or your Dollie Hub.

Develop the Site: Customize the site as needed.

Connect the Live Domain: Link the live domain to your developed site via Control HQ or your Hub.

Enable Cloudflare: At this point, feel free to set up Cloudflare for this domain.


While your deployment domain's nameservers need to point to Dollie, Cloudflare is an excellent resource for your customer sites once they're set up and connected to their live domains.

If you have more questions, we're just a message away. We're here to help your business soar!

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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