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Updating Plugin(s) for a Site

Keeping plugins updated is crucial for the security and functionality of your WordPress sites. Dollie's Control HQ provides an efficient way to manage and update plugins for each of your sites individually. This guide will explain how to update a plugin for a particular site using Control HQ.


- Administrator access to your Dollie Control HQ dashboard.
- Familiarity with the site and the specific plugin you wish to update.

Step 1: Access the Site Dashboard

Log into Dollie Dashboard: Sign into your Dollie account.
Navigate to the Specific Site: In Control HQ, go to the dashboard of the site for which you want to update the plugin.

Step 2: Open the Plugins Section

Locate the Plugins Section: Within the site’s dashboard, find and click on the 'Plugins' section, where you can view all installed plugins.

Step 3: Identify the Plugin to Update

Find the Plugin: Scroll through the list of installed plugins and locate the one you need to update.

Step 4: Update the Plugin

Open Plugin Context Menu: Click the three vertical dots next to the plugin to access its context menu.
Select ‘Update’ Option: From the context menu, choose the 'Update' option to initiate the update process for that specific plugin.

Step 5: Confirm the Update

Monitor the Update Process: Watch the update process to ensure it completes successfully. This may take a few moments.
Verify the Update: Once the update is complete, check the plugin version to confirm that it is now up to date.


Updating plugins through Dollie's Control HQ is a straightforward process that helps maintain the health and security of your WordPress sites. By following these steps, you can easily keep your plugins up to date, ensuring optimal performance and security for your sites.

For any questions or assistance with updating plugins, please reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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