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Troubleshooting One-Click Login Issues in Control HQ

Control HQ's one-click login feature offers quick access to managed WordPress sites. However, certain issues may disrupt this functionality. This guide explores common causes and solutions for one-click login problems.

Common Causes for One-Click Login Issues

1. Security Plugin Interference

Some security plugins can disrupt the one-click login functionality.

2. Blocked Requests

Security plugins, firewalls, or server security configurations (like mod_security) might block requests from Control HQ.

3. Changed Login URL

Changing the URL of your login page, a common security tip executed either manually or by plugins, can interfere with one-click login.

4. Low WordPress Memory Limit

If your WordPress site runs out of PHP memory, this can cause issues with various site functions, including accessing the wp-admin area.

5. Site Compromised

If your site has been compromised by hackers, and core WordPress files have been affected, it may disrupt the one-click login functionality.

Solutions and Workarounds

Whitelisting Control HQ IP Address

Whitelist Control HQ's IP address ( in security plugins, firewalls, and server configurations.

For Wordfence:

Access WordPress Admin Dashboard: Log in at
Navigate to Firewall Settings: Hover over 'Wordfence', then click 'Firewall'.
Open All Firewall Options: Click next to the gear icon.
Whitelist Control HQ IP Address: Add and save changes.

Alternative Access Methods

Manual Login

- Access the site's wp-admin page using valid credentials.

Creating a New Admin User via SSH and WP CLI

- Use SSH and WP CLI to create a new admin user if you have the necessary access.
- Execute a command similar to wp user create bob --role=administrator
- Enter a password when prompted
- Access the site's wp-admin page using the new credentials

Addressing Specific Issues

For Changed Login URLs:

- Ensure the new login URL is updated in Control HQ settings or revert to the default WordPress login URL.

For Low WordPress Memory Limit:

- Increase the PHP memory limit via wp-config.php or contact your hosting provider for assistance.

For Compromised Sites:

- Conduct a thorough security scan, clean up the site, and restore core WordPress files.

Final Resort: Restore from a Backup

If all else fails and you're still facing issues with one-click login, consider restoring the site from a working backup. This can often resolve underlying problems that may not be immediately apparent.

Access Backup Options: In Control HQ, locate the backup options for the affected site.
Select a Working Backup: Choose a backup from a date when the one-click login was functioning correctly.
Restore the Site: Initiate the restoration process and wait for it to complete.

Restoring from a backup should be considered a last resort, as it may lead to data loss if recent changes are not backed up.


One-click login issues in Control HQ can stem from various causes. By understanding these issues and implementing the provided solutions, you can ensure smooth access to your WordPress sites. Remember, restoring from a backup is a viable option if other solutions do not resolve the issue.

For further assistance, please contact our support team by sending an email to

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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