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Migrating a Site to Dollie

The best way to migrate an external site into our Private Cloud is to take the following steps;

Go to your Dashboard and Navigate to Sites > Add Site > Launch New Site

Enter a Temporary Site Name > Temporary URL > Select Clean WordPress Install > then hit Create Site**

Once the new site has been created, locate it on the Sites Dashboard page and then click to Manage the site.

In the Site Navigation you will see a section called Migrate/Copy Site

Follow the steps on this page to complete the migration

Once you have completed these steps and you are confident the migration has been successful, you can go to the registrar and point the A records to the new IP address under the Domains section located on the Site Navigation Menu.

If you come across any issues whilst migrating the site please let us know and we'll look to assist you with it.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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