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Launching Demo Site in the Dollie Cloud

Testing and development is super easy with our Demo Sites. Looking to experiment with different configurations in your Blueprints or simply want to test out your Blueprints? Demo site are made exactly for this purpose.

What are Demo Sites?

Demo Sites are temporary WordPress instances that live on the Dollie Cloud for a short span of 48 hours. They offer a fantastic way for you to:

- Test drive Blueprints before pushing them live
- Showcase your site designs and functionality to potential clients
- Explore the capabilities of the Dollie Cloud even on our free plan.

Benefits of Demo Sites

- No Long-Term Commitment: With a 48-hour lifespan, use the site for as long as you need within this window -- no strings attached.
- Isolation From Production: Try out new plugins, themes, or code without the risk of affecting live customer sites.
- Rapid Prototyping: Show your work in real-time, perfect for soliciting quick feedback.

How to Launch a Demo Site

Navigate to the Sites -> Add New -> Demo Sites section from your Dollie Control HQ dashboard.
Select a Blueprint you want to use for the demo or launch a blank WP install.
Click Create Demo Site and choose an URL.
After launch you can access and manage the site via the Site Dashboard of the demo site.

Remember, each Demo Site you launch will automatically be stopped after 48 hours, so make sure to save your work if you wish to keep it!

Updated on: 03/03/2024

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