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How do I disable caching?

Caching is essential to ensuring a website feels responsive to visitors; it should not be disabled for websites in production serving visitors and customers.

While you should always use a caching plugin in production, when a website is in development it might be appropriate to disable it.

Powered Cache Configuration

Powered Cache is the caching plugin included in Dollie websites by default. To disable the cache, login as a website admin, click on the "Caching" menu item found on the main left hand navigation menu.

Clicking this menu item will take you to the following Powered Cache configuration page where you can disable the page and object caching.

Sometimes disabling the cache for a particular endpoint is necessary for a feature to work in production. Don't disable the entire cache. Instead navigate to the Powered Cache advanced options, and add any such pages or endpoints to the Never cache the following pages list.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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