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How do I Convert a Customer Website into a Blueprint on Dollie

Creating a Blueprint from an existing customer website on Dollie is a common request. While direct conversion isn't available, you can achieve this by creating a Blueprint and then migrating the customer site into it. We recommend using Migrate Guru for this process, and by installing it on both sites, you can simplify the migration without needing SFTP credentials. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Create a New Blueprint

Log into Control HQ: Start by logging into your Dollie dashboard and heading to the Control HQ.
Initiate Blueprint Creation: Choose to create a new Blueprint. Provide a name and set basic configurations.
Finish Setting Up: Complete the initial setup, keeping in mind that the exact configurations of your customer’s site will be imported later.

Step 2: Install Migrate Guru on Both Sites

On the Customer's Website: Navigate to the WordPress dashboard of the customer’s website. Go to ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New’. Search for ‘Migrate Guru’ and install it.
On the New Blueprint Site: Repeat the same process on the newly created Blueprint site in Dollie.

Step 3: Migrate the Customer Website to the Blueprint

Initiate Migration from the Customer Site: Open Migrate Guru on the customer’s website. Choose the option to migrate the site.
Enter Destination Site Details: You’ll need to enter the URL of the Blueprint site. Since Migrate Guru is installed on both sites, there's no need for SFTP details.
Start the Migration Process: Follow the prompts to begin the migration. Migrate Guru will transfer all the website's contents, including the database, files, and configurations, to the Blueprint site.
Initiate Migration from the Customer Site: Open Migrate Guru on the customer’s website. Choose the option to migrate the site.
Choose Other Hosts option
On the newly created Blueprint, go to the Migrate Guru menu and click on the 'Migration Key?' and copy the content

Paste it to the Customer Site in the 'MigrateGuru Migration Key' field

Click on Migrate button

Step 4: Monitor and Complete the Migration

Track the Progress: Migrate Guru provides a real-time progress bar. Monitor this to track the migration status.
Verify Post-Migration: Once the migration is complete, log into the Blueprint site and ensure everything has been transferred accurately. Check all functionalities and links.

Step 5: Testing and Final Adjustments

Comprehensive Testing: Conduct thorough testing of the Blueprint site to ensure all aspects of the website function as intended.
Adjustments if Needed: If any issues arise, make the necessary adjustments to align the Blueprint site with the original customer site.
Update Blueprint Details: In your Dollie dashboard, update any relevant information about the new Blueprint.


By following these steps, you can efficiently turn a customer's website into a Blueprint on Dollie using Migrate Guru. This process simplifies website replication, allowing for efficient and accurate setup of future sites. Should you encounter any challenges or have questions, our support team is available to assist you.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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