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How do I connect to the Dollie Private Cloud after subscribing to the pro plan?

On the free plan you can manage sites you have hosted elsewhere or launch a demo site, while on the pro plan you can deploy "regular" sites (and indeed blueprints) to our private cloud.

You can see the difference on the add site page between the 2 plans:

Add Site On Free Plan

Add Site On Pro Plan

So once you have subscribed to the Pro Plan, the Launch New Site button becomes active. After clicking on this button you will be presented with a form to provide the initial details required to deploy the site, and confirm it's deployment.

Note that sites hosted on our Private Cloud are priced at $10/month pro-rated to a day. So if you only deploy a site for a day, you are only billed for that one day, and not the entire month.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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