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Can I use my own domain for blueprints?

You cannot use your own domain for blueprints. As blueprints are much cheaper than regular sites, our viability demands we avoid the possibility of service abuse in this area.

Having blueprints available on your own domain is not necessary to achieve complete white-labeling of your service. Your customers see no trace of Dollie when they visit the domain. The domain chosen is intentionally generic. Furthermore, within the hub, the blueprints are displayed to customers within an i-frame. So there are two layers of "white-labeling" already in place here to prevent customers from determining that Dollie is providing the service. Subsequently when a customer decides to launch their own site based on a blueprint, this site is of course launched under your own domain. Only the blueprint preview is using the domain, and not your customers' sites.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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