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Can I use my own domain for blueprints?

For cost-effectiveness and to maintain the integrity of our services, Dollie blueprints cannot be hosted on your own domain. Because blueprints are priced lower than regular sites it's essential for us to prevent any potential misuse of this feature.

Maintaining White-Label Integrity

Even without personal domain hosting for blueprints, your clients still get a white-label experience from you.

- Generic Blueprint Domains: Dollie utilizes the non-branded and generic domain for blueprint previews.

- iframe Previews in Hub: Within your Dollie hub, blueprints are displayed via an iframe. This adds an extra layer of white-labeling, keeping even the generic domain hidden when previewing a blueprint.

- White Label Domain is used for Client/Customers Sites: When it comes time for your customer to launch a site from a blueprint, that new site will be hosted under your own domain. Rest assured, the preview's domain doesn't reflect the final, customer-facing URL.

Key Takeaways

- No use of personal domains for blueprints to secure affordability and prevent abuse.
- Blueprint previews happen on a Dollie-generic domain for white-label, using iframes to hide the domain further.
- Final sites, however, go live under your personal domain, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Updated on: 03/03/2024

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