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Can I use a domain connected to CloudFlare is my white-label deployment domain?

In order to use the domain as your deployment domain you will need to update the nameservers on the service where you have registered the domain. This is indeed because CloudFlare always needs to control the nameservers to provide their service. For Dollie is basically the same idea.. The nameservers of the domain need to point to us, so we can do all of the site launch magic when you (or a customer of yours) launches a new site. So what you need to do is:

Here are the nameservers you need to configure your domain to use:

Now just to be clear.. This does not mean you can't use Cloudflare for your customer sites at all. It's just for the initial domain that's used when a site is launched. For example:

You launch a new site via Control HQ.
You develop the site.
Once it's ready to go live you connect the live domain to that site i.e
At that point you can set up CloudFlare for!

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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