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What action should I take if I suspect my website has been infected with malware?

The out of the box default wordpress site provided by Dollie has been reviewed, and hardened to ensure maximum security. It might however happen that you install a Wordpress plugin that either intentionally or otherwise allows your site to be compromised. If you suspect this has happened, we suggest one of the following 2 remedies:

To keep your site secure always keep your core, plugins, and themes up-to-date

1. Restore from a backup

If your site is deployed on Dollie Private Cloud, you will have access to backups of the site on Control HQ. Find a backup you believe to be an accurate representation of your site, but old enough that you believe it is before your site became compromised. Restore your site to this backup. If all goes well you should find a working non-infected site.

Be sure to update all plugins and themes after successfully restoring the site from a backup.

2. Wordfence Wordpress plugin

Install the Wordfence Wordpress plugin, and use it to run a security scan. Then follow the suggestions from Wordfence on how to remedy your website. Wordfence is a top-notch security plugin that we use ourselves.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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