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What happens behind the scenes when I launch a site to my Private Cloud?

Every time you or your customer/client deploys a new site through your Dollie Hub or you launch a site through Control HQ, a sequence of events happens behind the scenes to ensure a perfectly deployed WordPress site. Your Hub or Control HQ sends secure an API requests to your Private Cloud, which then starts the site deployment process. Here is a simplified breakdown of this process.

You go to the “Launch Site” page inside your Dollie Hub or in your Control HQ and fill in
A secured API request is sent to the Dollie Private Cloud API layer to launch under your partner account.
An isolated Docker container is created and configured in our Private Cloud infrastructure. Each site has its own dedicated environment, optimized specifically for WordPress. Not only does this maximise performance, it also protects it against bad neighbours like with so many shared hosts.
Once this process is complete ou API sends a request/signal back to your Hub / Control HQ saying the site is ready to be used.
Your Hub and Control HQ now use the same Dollie Cloud API to retrieve all of the site details, which is presented through the Site Dashboard. You are now ready to use your site!

Now every time you visit the “Site Dashboard” of your new site, the Dollie API retrieves all of the details of the WordPress installation (plugin, themes, backups available, security status) to build out the dashboard that’s used by you and your customers to manage their site.

Updated on: 19/08/2023

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