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What are Blueprints?

Dollie Blueprints are site templates configured to your requirements. You can then use these  which can be cloned and deployed to a new container with the click of a button. They serve as an important foundation for your business regardless of whether you’re building a SaaS, running a WordPress agency or a Developer.

What is in a blueprint?

Blueprints copy over some key files to your new site and generate other files from a sign up, so that newly deployed sites are ready to use by new users


Media Uploads


Must Use Plugins (mu-plugins folder)
WordPress Core Files
wp_users & wp_usermeta tables
Non-core folders + files outside of wp-content

Selling Blueprints

If you are using the Dollie hub plugin on your website, you can connect your blueprints to woo-commerce products, allowing to charge different prices for each of your product variations.

Blueprint Usecases

Blueprints for Agencies

Does your Agency use a set of themes and plugins at the beginning of each client project? Blueprints allow you to save that configuration for future use to eliminate the initial set up time when starting new client sites.

Blueprints for WaaS Platforms

Create multiple pre-made site designs using Blueprints, which your customers can choose from when they sign-up for your services.

Blueprints for SaaS Solutions

Build your entire SaaS App by creating a Blueprint that automatically launches as soon as a customer creates their account on your platform.

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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