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Does Dollie provide a staging website or environment?

Yes, Dollie provides a complete staging solution. A staging environment is a safe way of test out significant changes to your website. When you are confident they will have no adverse impact they can be published. To make use of the staging feature for a particular site, from your control panel, search or browse for the particular site. There you will find a Staging tab where you can create, delete, recreate, and publish to production your staging site. 

Caution when using staging with frequently updated production sites

When a site's staging environment is published, it will override the production environment. Any changes that have been made to production since the staging site was created will be erased. This can lead to data loss in dynamic sites whose data changes frequently. In this case, you can still using staging to test your changes, but you must avoid using the publish function and instead apply those changes manually.

Updated on: 17/01/2023

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